Taking the Snowshoes Out for a Spin

Yesterday’s 16-inch snowfall made for an incredible winter playland! Mike and I woke up this morning and headed down to Eben G Fine park to hike up the Viewpoint Trail on snowshoe. Our first and only attempt was back in January when there was little fresh powder left and we had to try REALLY hard to find anything that didn’t just scrape against the snowshoes. How lucky were that we could just head down the road and have the whole untouched trail to ourselves!

The Benefits of Sharing

It was the most surreal thing telling my mom and sister the big news! I knew I wanted to tell them at the same time and whatever passed as an appropriate segway, which ended up being at the end of dinner. My heart was beating so hard I swear you could see it through my shirt. I had no idea why I was so nervous–this was a good thing! A far cry from breaking it to my parents a few years ago when I had gotten my first tattoo or even the universally celebratory news when Mike and I got engaged. I guess there was that element of wondering if I was doing the right thing by putting other people’s hopes on the line as much as I have my own but, in the end, we’re all in this together and I couldn’t imagine not sharing this part of our life with family.

It was much easier telling Erika later that weekend. I had already planned to travel to Virginia with the priority of seeing Erika and Brett’s lovely baby daughter Malina, born just last month. After some somewhat repressed squealing, Erika participated in the tradition of passing on items from her own recent pregnant life. I scored the latest edition of What to Expect When You’re Expecting, a book of 100,001 baby names (not intimidating at all), and 2 pairs of maternity pants, which has the double blessing of being free AND already hemmed to Erika’s height (close enough for me!).

We also just shared the news with Mike’s parents tonight, after much “Should we? I don’t know! Maybe?”. I’ll let Mike describe his own surreal experience with that but I will say that I just love that freefall feeling of finally letting loose and putting it out there. It just got more real.

Opening the Can of Worms

Okay, so maybe we aren’t telling everyone yet but I’m very excited because I am telling my mom and sister tomorrow! I want it to end there but still debating whether I need to draw up an official gag order on my mom to prevent her from telling the rest of the family. I would actually love for them to know too but I still wouldn’t mind hearing a heartbeat before opening that can of worms. Three more weeks to go!

Morning Person

So it would seem that my peak is in the morning (at least this week!) which bodes well for keeping up with my workout regimen and getting work done. But by about 3pm, I am going down in flames. But I have high hopes for making a nice big pasta dinner tonight… after a little nappy-poo, that is.