To Tell or Not to Tell

I am absolutely bursting to tell people! So far I have only shared it with Diedre and Amanda. I am heading to Virginia next weekend to scoop up my sister and see Erika, Brett and and their new baby Malina in Richmond and plan to tell them all (and hopefully my mom) the big news in person. Then we plan to call Mike’s parents after I get back. I’ve talked to my mom and sister online since we found out and it’s just killing me to keep my mouth shut! I suppose I could tell people now but it does seem a bit early to volunteer that information but I’ve already told Mike I’m prepared to answer direct questions. Next week would be the six-week mark, if I go by the calendar.

Diedre had loaned us a couple of baby books to get started but Mike and I were pretty anxious to go out and make our own selections. After work on Tuesday we went to Borders and tried to inconspicuously peruse the Parenting section, which seemed to be in a more highly visible area than we would have liked. We both were convinced someone we knew would just come strolling in and bust us. I ended up getting a book subtly called I’m Pregnant!, which had all kinds of cool pictures in color and nice, short engaging sections and intelligently put all the scary stuff in the back of the book. After much deliberation and stack of potentials, Mike selected The Expectant Father for its decent balance of focusing on what was going on with me, logistical considerations, and just the right amount of self-validation without getting snivelly. For good or bad, Mike has taken this book to heart and has either read aloud or referenced many passages since the purchase. Apparently his next task is to create a nutrition calendar that I’ll need to follow and check off every day. I’m hoping the Excel spreadsheet is still empty.

Reading material

Reading material

I haven’t really noticed any significant symptoms yet. No nausea or lightheadedness and not particularly hungry. I guess I am running to the bathroom a little more frequently but I’m a regular water drinker so the intervals aren’t so weird but perhaps more the sudden onset of wanting to go. I haven’t been tired enough to bail on my morning workouts but I definitely have less motivation in the afternoons for well, anything really. Except maybe to read my book! I’m also noticing that I feel colder, even in our own house, and need to layer up or cover up with a blanket.


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