This must be the least gratifying time of pregnancy. It’s a little too early to shout it from the rooftops, every ache and pain is weird and suspicious, and you can’t see or feel anything yet! I’m sure I’ll change my perspective on what the least gratifying time is in the next few months but it’s tough to keep both hope and fear at a reasonable size at this stage.

Mike has been incredible this week. I don’t feel silly bringing up any little thing that’s on my mind about all this and his enthusiasm in sharing what he just read is so darn cute. He has the misfortune of being the only one always around so he’s getting the brunt of all my ups and downs but hopefully it’ll get easier once we start telling more people… for both of us!

I checked out what my expected weight gain to be during pregnancy based on my current weight and height. 25 to 35 pounds! That’s at least 25% of my weight right now. Can that be right???

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