The New Cocktail

As we were making our way through the grocery store, it finally came to my attention that I was still allowed to have fun drinks and that not all fun drinks are taboo.  Surprisingly, I haven’t missed the alcohol.  Yet.  I usuallly have just one cup of coffee a day but I’ve decided to cut even that in half and top it off with milk, latte-style.  I’ve become reacquainted with orange juice as a breakfast drink and not just a mixer or a marinade ingredient.  I’ve even gotten on board with the horrendous-looking Odwalla Superfood drink.  A few months backs, I cut out my daily Diet Coke but I’ll probably still save it as a treat now and then.  Yet most of the evenings this past week, I resigned myself to just water.  I love water but half the fun of an adult beverage is that it’s something different and usually designates a treat or marks an occasion.  My latest cocktail invention involves a rocks glass filled with ice,  2 key limes, a teaspoon of honey, and topped with club soda.  I’m sure I’m not supposed to eat honey but it mixes better than sugar.  Plus, you can rim the glass with it!
The "key" ingredient

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