A Balanced Diet

I have read that if you keep a fairly balanced diet, your baby is getting everything it needs to grow and be healthy. What they don’t necessarily mention is that the baby is doing it very selfishly–taking everything it needs and potentially leaving you with nothing. Now, I have done my part in being a nurturing mother by ensuring I don’t have doughnuts for breakfast, McDonald’s for lunch and a cold beer for dinner, yet I’m told that while I’m a relatively good food citizen, it’s still not good enough. Supplements, supplements, supplements! The recommended 400 micrograms of folic acid for a woman thinking about having a baby one day is now doubled to 800 micrograms. This is so you can do your part to prevent many birth defects. My obgyn recommends an additional 200-400, so in addition to the prenatal vitamin I faithfully take, I should take another supplement. Don’t want your kid to be the dumbest one in class? It’s all in your hands and you better take fish oil supplements. I had the unfortunate timing to burp shortly after taking one earlier this week–I probably don’t need to tell you what the effects were. There’s a recommended minimum iron intake for all the blood you create to support a new life, otherwise you become anemic. And then you’ve got to replenish the calcium your baby is using up to make his bones healthy and strong (in addition to what you should be taking in for yourself) but beware of taking your iron and calcium together! They actually work against each other. Oh, and if you do get all the iron you should be getting, you better be drinking lots of water as iron can wreak havoc along the digestive highway. I’m sure there is a Venn diagram to help me figure out what should be taken with what and when. I gotta say though, with the supplements I’m taking in addition to a good diet, those doughnuts are looking mighty good! Besides, I’ll need something to keep me happy when the sage pregnancy advice starts rolling in from the peanut gallery…

11 Weeks Today

Our little one is up to about 1.5 inches or so long and weighs about 0.3 ounces and should be moving around quite a bit, swallowing fluid and kicking up a storm. There’s still quite a bit of room in its little bubble so of course I can’t feel anything yet. All the important developments are in place now so now it’s just a matter of maturation and growth. A little apprehension gets replaced by pure excitement every day!

Although I’ve only gained 2-3 pounds so far (on average… let’s just say there are good days and bad days), I’m definitely noticing a difference in the way clothes are fitting. Pants are a given, but now even some shirts are a little suspect. Or maybe I just had a really unfortunate shirt on yesterday (horizontal stripes are always suspect). I don’t really mind so much since it’s all inevitable and I’m staying healthy. I’m still hitting the gym 4-5 times a week and eat nutritiously and in typical portions. Okay, maybe I’m having dessert more regularly and indulge in junk-y snacks after my daily quota of fruits and yogurt, but hey, this is supposed to be fun, right?!?!


Mike is more involved in this pregnancy than you think. Apparently he has experienced the nausea I thought I was supposed to get, as well as the bloating and indigestion. I’ve got the market on the fatigue but the jury is still out on who wins the weight gain. Go Team Guzek!

Happy 10 Weeks!

The count is now in the double digits–very cool. According to all the pregnancy websites I stalk regularly, we’re looking at our little one being about 1.25 inches long with limbs that can bend and flex. Apparently, s/he has officially graduated from the embryonic phase to the fetal phase. They grow so fast, don’t they?

I’m still feeling relatively the same. I do luxuriate in a daily afternoon nap, which our kittens look forward to. The moment I come downstairs from my office and start fluffing up the pillows and spreading the blanket on the couch, I’ve got two interested fluffballs sniffing the area. They are great supporters of the nap concept.

And So It Begins

Over the weekend, I came to grips with the fact that my “good” jeans are no longer compatible with me. Sure, I can still pull them on but if I thought I was testing the boundaries of denim before, nothing can save these now. O favorite jeans, I’ll see you in another life!

On a more positive note, the jeans are not the only thing going in storage. It would seem some of my lady garments are also not compatible now.