Whew! We really need to space out our major projects. It’s been nonstop for the past few weeks with house-hunting (and house-stalking), getting our house ready to sell, and then, of course, harboring this little miracle. I just got back from visiting the family back in Virginia where I opted to wait to tell them in person. If I thought it was fun sharing the news on a somewhat hushed and individual basis, it is WAY more fun to just revel in it out loud with loved ones! Mike got the ball rolling with his family and friends over email just last Friday (and I see today that he thinks he’s the only one doing the big reveal) but I’m not too far behind. I did get busted today by a girlfriend who found out from her husband through one of Mike’s emails–oops! The fun isn’t over yet–we still have LOADS to do to get our house show-ready in the next few days (removing our own old carpet seemed like a fine idea a couple weeks ago) AND I still have a list of friends to get in touch with.

One thought on “Whirlwind

  1. Tee-hee. Enjoy this ride you are on. It is SO MUCH FUN! You will hopefully feel great, and the belly increase is gradual, so you go about doing . . .stuff. And all the while, there is a baby kicking, people smiling, and good wishes from friends and strangers alike. It is a maaaaahhhvelous time.

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