Happy 15 Weeks!

So it looks like our little is now about 4 inches long (“crown to rump”, or rather, head to butt) and weighs 2.5 ounces, and, as many of the pregnancy websites compare current size to food items, is the size of an apple. Legs are finally getting to be longer than the arms and the lungs are getting some exercise by breathing amniotic fluid in and out. As for me, I no longer feel the need for an afternoon nap, but I actually think it’s working against me. We’ve been busy getting our house organized (and disorganized) for selling and moving and I keep forgetting that I shouldn’t be pushing and lifting the same amount I used to. Luckily, my body is pretty good at sending reminders to take it easy… along with other reminders such as the rubber band “buttoning” my pants and my gut peeking out from under my shirt. I’m still not ready for maternity clothes but I have a new love for summer dresses!

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