Be Still My Heart

I had my second OB appointment this afternoon and I got to hear the heartbeat! Pretty much sounded the way I thought based on seeing it on the ultrasound but there’s something about being able to hear it without fancy equipment (okay, maybe just not REALLY fancy). Everything else seems to check out fine with me too so it looks like all humans involved are still on track!

We’ve voluntarily told two more friends about our pregnancy–without being asked the direct question first. Oh, it’s so much fun!

Happy Mother’s Day!

As it has dawned on me that this day is more than just for my lovely mother and mother-in-law but also other friends and family who should be recognized today (I got around to greeting maybe 4 friends), but next year, this day will be a LOT more important to me. Well, if I can make it through those first few months relatively unscathed, that is!

So Far So Good

This morning I completed the first part of the sequential screening test to help assess the risk of Down’s syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities. The first part of the test must be administered within the 11th and 14th week and doesn’t actually give a diagnosis but all goes towards calculating a probability of a problem. I had been back and forth on whether it was worth it to put more doubt in my mind or if it could potential clear any doubt but, in the end, I decided that its availability, coverage by insurance, and the non-invasive nature of the test was worth putting the muzzle on the early announcements and really find out if there was anything to worry about.

It was a great choice! The ultrasound portion involved measuring fluid at the back of the neck, checking for the existence of a nasal bone and confirming that the fetus was growing appropriately for its age as well as the location of the placenta. A high amount of fluid and/or the lack of a nasal bone would indicate a higher risk of Down’s syndrome. Our little one looks like it’s on a good track and the results of the blood test (next week) will hopefully support that as well, giving us an 80% probability that everything is genetically fine. The second part of the test involves another blood test at the end of this month coupled with another ultrasound at the end of next month and that should give us a 90% probability of good results. I am so darned relieved after this morning that I’m no longer worried about what test is next. What a difference a day makes!

On a really fun note, the little one was in what the ultrasound technician called an “active state”, which I interpreted as really hard to localize and get proper measurements and readings. I got to comfortably watch it for almost 10 minutes straight! It was all over the place: changing positions, bouncing off the sac it seems to be quickly outgrowing. The heartrate was measured at about 150 bpm and I’m assuming from the numbers on the corner of the pictures that we are currently at 10cm. Yowza!

Week 12 and Counting

12 weeks. 3 months. Sounds so real! Yet I’m still feeling the same-old, same-old, which I guess it actually an enviable thing and probably shouldn’t complain about that too loudly! I’m not even feeling the need for my afternoon nap, which unfortunately puts me in the running for doing house-related activities with Mike. We are trying to do some sprucing up around the house in order to get it on the market in the next few weeks. The latest project is repainting the picket fence, which is the most tedious thing ever and I highly recommend outsourcing it in future endeavors. We are also looking at updating the carpet and “wood” floors in the hopes of a quick sale but we’re still weighing out the actual cost benefits. It’s all very exciting though because the driving force with all this new-house business is this little tiny thing growing up and changing everything!

The big thing this week is we’re doing first-trimester screening. This is a non-invasive test using ultrasound to check for the risk of Down’s syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities. I’ve gone back and forth on doing this test. If the screening results come back negative, then we can finally exhale that cautious breath we’ve been holding in since Day One because our baby is most likely in good shape. If they come back positive, it’s a cause for concern but it’s still not a for-sure answer–it just tells you that there may be something wrong and further testing would be needed for a true diagnosis. I’m just so ready to celebrate this thing and I’m so tired of logic and practicality holding me back! In the end, what really tipped the scales is that it’s another opportunity for an ultrasound picture and who am I turn that down???