17 Weeks!

Happy 17 weeks!  Apparently, our little one is now approximately 5 inches long and weighs about 5 ounces.  I should be able to feel some kicking and movement any day now… that is, if I can differentiate it from gas and “round ligament” pain (nice).  And I’m pretty sure I’ll be “popping” soon since the belly I now go to bed with is similar to the one I wake up with–no excuses now!  I’ve also been experiencing more bouts of discomfort and lethargy this week so I’m guessing some rapid growth is going on. 

I just read that dreams will be more vivid these days, most likely from waking up frequently and probably within a dream cycle.  I can attest to that, although I’m a little disappointed that my dreams seem pretty boring and mundane upon reflection.  Huh… I wonder what that means.  Mike, on the other hand, dreamt of saving two little frightened kittens from crossing a busy street last night.  According to our favorite baby website, that means he’s in tune with his parental instincts.  Of course, in the dream, he tried to corral them and get them across the street safely but ended up having to wait until I showed up and we put them in our car and drove them home.   Analyze that!


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