One Down, One To Go

We are halfway through the process of trading our old new house for the new old one!  Today we closed on the new (old) house.  Aside from the large stack of papers that had to first be explained and then signed by Mike and me, it was a really fun experience.  After the official closing, we got together with the previous owner to go over any other house details and questions we might have had.  Extremely helpful and totally not required on his part, you could tell the pride he felt in owning this house and excited to turn it over to a couple who would likely carry on that pride.  He even turned over some design plans he had drawn up for possible additions a few years ago and all the research he had done on the history of the house.  As it turns out, the house is likely much older than listed, as he had found some historic documents for what seemed to be the earliest known inhabitants of the house dated back to 1900.   It would seem that the old courthouse in town had burned down in 1920 and all legal documents housed in the building were lost, therefore all the replicated documents had a new birth year of 1920.

The official moving day is this Saturday, which really means just all the big stuff and anything we’ve managed to pack in boxes… and all the remaining items will just have to picked up as we get to it.  It’s not so bad being able to drag your feet in packing all of your belongings!


(Oh, and happy 4th anniversary to us!)


2 thoughts on “One Down, One To Go

  1. Yeah!! I’m so happy for you in acquiring your dream house. Congratulations! I can’t wait to see it for myself. Again, happy 4th wedding anniversary. My love to both of you. Is Baby M Guzek kicking yet??

  2. Can you post a link to the new old house? One of those “visit-every-room-in-the-house-and-by-the-way-here’s-a panoramic-view-of-the-outside” kind of things.

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