So Much To Do….

Wow.  So today, we bought and assembled an outdoor table and chair set, as well as a pair of Adirondack chairs.  The grass was mowed again yesterday (holy crap, there is a downside to a big yard).  A deer even showed up to help me.  I sprayed the lawn today to help fight the dandelion assault the previous owners were suffering from and did some more weeding.  But perhaps the biggest achievement was finally getting our bed into our bedroom (after a full week of sleeping on the floor).  I had to take out a window and Melastrong and I had to hoist it on to the roof and through the window.  Adventure!!  It seems back in 1890 they didn’t build staircases for a queen-size mattress.

I have been amazed at how hard moving is.  There are so many more essential moving things that need to happen than I ever planned for and the “splurges” are more like requirements as I look at them.   This stuff is expensive.   We are doing our part to be our own little stimulus package.

Getting down to business

Getting down to business

Welcome wagon for the neighborhood

Welcome wagon for the neighborhood

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4 thoughts on “So Much To Do….

  1. I am amazed at how beautiful your house is! The porch! The patio! The lawn! That thing on your roof! Melanie? Holy you-know-what! Get down!

  2. OMG!!!!! what are you doing up on that roof! You’re making me nervous. Don’t do that again. Please, please I know you’re strong but ………. stay on the ground from now on.
    BTW your house is really a dream house. (Type ko!!!)

  3. I like the photo of you mowing the lawn… and the minivan in the background. OUCH!!!

    Quick… get a photo up with you and Mel’s Jeep!!!!

    • It will only get worse now that a kid is coming. One day instead of standing in front of the neighbor’s minivan, I might be standing in front of my own!! gross.

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