I Think I Know What That Might Have Been

I had been suspecting for a couple of weeks now that I could feel the baby moving. It was never definitive and could always be chalked up to lunch or overexertion. But in the last couple of days, that fluttering feeling seemed to get a bit more defined and it wasn’t quite the same as indigestion and today I’m almost ready to call it! It was in the same area (in my midsection below the navel), and each movement seemed to brush up against my bladder, giving me that should-I-go? feeling. Almost like a tickle.

I have also had some interesting dreams in the past couple of days. Over the weekend, I dreamed that I was taking the baby on some errands (seriously, it does get interesting) and I just got overcome with this feeling that I could love this baby as much as I wanted, that the baby was really mine and all I wanted to do was love it. I woke up so happy! But then last night, I dreamed that I was feeling the baby move and as I watched my belly, I could start to make out facial features protruding out–not unlike the movie “Alien”. A little disgusted, I touched it and “broke” it. I am actually still feeling disturbed by this dream as of this afternoon!

We are currently in our 20th week! Next Wednesday is the “big” ultrasound where we can make sure everything is still moving along as expected and hopefully found out if it’s a boy or girl. Should be able to get some more ultrasound pictures too!

At 20 Weeks

At 20 Weeks


2 thoughts on “I Think I Know What That Might Have Been

  1. Ooooo. 20 weeks! You won’t believe what your little one looks like at 20 weeks! You, as we all can see, are absolutely adorable.

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