While this whole feeling-the-baby move is still a novelty and I’m just in awe of it, I really must remember to breathe while I’m expectantly waiting for the next thump…


speed bump
I don’t know if a pregnant belly has always been referred to as a “bump” or if that’s just a trendy description but it is actually very fitting… which is nice change of pace since not much else is fitting these days. I can’t say I mind the trend since “bump” sounds so much cuter than “alien protrusion over which you have no control”. It’s the verbal equivalent of making a mountain back into a molehill. But because of my growing baby bump, I find myself miscalculating my actual body diameter, resulting in many inadvertent bumps into walls. And door jambs. And kitchen counters. I’ve bumped up my nutrition concerns. Well, more so concerns of fitting dessert in after dinner. Okay, sometimes after lunch and in between, too.

I do have to admit that I sometimes have to look down to remind myself that I still have a baby bump. I really do feel so physically normal most of the time but there are times I feel inescapably pregnant. For example, it’s been getting more difficult finding a comfortable sleeping position to stay in for more than an hour or so. Apparently you’re supposed to avoid being on your back for an extended period of time and sleeping on your stomach is obviously uncomfortable so you’ve got your choice of sleeping on your left side or your right side. Inevitably, the side you choose will then become uncomfortable in time and switching from side to side can be quite a process, what with trying to coax the extra weight from one side to the other without feeling you’re going to split your stomach apart, getting it settled back in (maybe with a knock of protest from the alien you’re harboring), and hoping you don’t disturb your neighbor. I can only imagine what the next few months are going to feel like!

What’s New At 23 Weeks

No question about it–this kid is on a sleep-wake schedule, as indicated by all the tiny punches and kicks I’ve been receiving every few hours.  Mike can finally feel the baby kick, although it took some convincing that that’s what what he felt and I had to swear up and down that I wasn’t doing it.  Not unlike the promises made around the table playing with a Ouija board as a kid.  Actually, we can both see my stomach move with some of the kicks, which is pretty cool and kinda gross at the same time.


I’ve definitely “popped” this week.  Not that I thought I was hiding a bump successfully but I just didn’t think it was that obvious unless you were looking for it.  Earlier this week I realized that my whole midsection looks like a prosthetic and my navel is getting shallower.  I went shopping with a girlfriend and she had to ask what was going on as I giggled while trying on clothes.  Last night on the way to dinner I caught a reflection of my profile in a store window and thought I had stumbled into a funhouse. 

Alternatively, I haven’t really gotten a whole lot of attention from strangers, which I guess is a blessing.  I’ve heard stories of some overly vocal acquaintances/coworkers/strangers inviting themselves into someone’s pregnancy.  I have gotten some extra attention from my “friends” at the gym.  The quotes are because I don’t actually know a lot of their names but I’ve seen then several times a week for the last 3 years so I can hardly call them strangers.  One lady, a former Austrian gymnast still with incredible flexibility whose daughter just had a baby recently, actually put together a gift bag for us and I was assured by the husband of an elderly German couple that “on behalf of the weight room”, they were all pulling for me.  I’m tickled.