Knowing When To Stop

Whew!  Moving into a new place and being pregnant puts me in a lose-lose situation.  I’ve always been, uh, thorough when it comes to household chores and errands (just can’t relax when there are things to be done) and having to balance that with wanting to get settled in as soon as possible and then having limited physical levels, I find that I’m just constantly stressed about what I haven’t gotten to yet.  Logically, I know most things can wait and nothing is going to fall apart if I don’t touch it but I think that “nesting” instinct is wreaking havoc on my compulsive need to have things tidy.  But then I’m equally stressed that I’m doing more than I should and I need to remember to relax.  I’ve done two loads of laundry and dinner is just about ready but as I sit here in our comfy new chair with my feet up, I can’t help but feel guilty that I’m not being productive Right This Second.  I promised myself that I’m going to be better this week.  I’ve decided to hire a maid service for one, even if it’s just on a once-monthly basis.  I started putting up new blinds in the kitchen but I noticed how much effort it was taking to get the mounting brackets screwed in so I’ll leave that to my brawny husband (at least it’s all measured out and prepped!).  I’ll believe Mike when he says he’ll get the rest of the junk in the old house.  Gardens can be planted next spring.  The pile of assorted crap can sit where it is for another day.  Right?!?!?


3 thoughts on “Knowing When To Stop

  1. Right. Whatever you say….right.

    Seriously, I know you want stuff in its place. I would too.

    But, 1. don’t do it just because you are going to have company; and 2. I bet your company will be MORE than happy to lift and haul, weed and plant, dust and vacuum.

  2. Seriously dude? Come on. Guess you can take the girl out of Washington DC but can’t take the Washington DC out of the girl. You are sooooooooooo Type A.


    I had a bag of trash (the non-stinky kind) sitting in the middle of my living room floor for 5 days. Each day I would look at it and think, “Hmmm, I should really throw that out.” Then I would proceed to relax some more after a long day’s work.

  3. Okey, tidying things is good, but in your case, not stressing yourself, lifting heavy stuff and/or stepping on to something to install whatever is a no-no. Well, you said it …. you need to remember to relax.

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