It’s A Boy!


Well, we got back from the doc’s a little earlier today where we got the gender news and found out we are having a little lad!  We will call him Thomas Jefferson Guzek…..or possibly Benjamin Franklin Guzek…..or just Gary Guzek….who knows–we have time.  In any event, we also did a full ultrasound sweep where they measured and viewed just about every aspect of him – arms, legs, hands, feet, heart (including all 4 chambers and valves) lungs, stomach and a bunch of other stuff I didn’t even know existed.  We heard his heart beat and found out he is approximately 1 pound 14 ounces.  We had a scare early on when they thought they saw a third leg growing!!  But then they realized that he was just a Guzek….and that he was a boy.  Everything checked out perfectly so far, so things are oh so good!

He looked so much more baby-like than the last time I saw him.  He had features and he was making pretty normal-looking movements.  Between that and knowing it is now a boy (and obviously better looking and stronger than all the other 21 week old babies), things just go more interesting for Mr. Dad.  I am more motivated now to tackle…….setting up the nursery!  Game on!



Head and body. We actually saw his mouth opening and closing!



Calf and foot

Calf and foot

A little hard to see but it's the bottom side of the feet

A little hard to see but it's the bottom side of the feet

Upshot of the rump.  Yup, it's a boy!

Upshot of the rump. Yup, it's a boy!


One thought on “It’s A Boy!

  1. Yeah! I am going to have a grandson!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to scream when you told me but I was in the store and I don’t want to make a scene, so I kept the excitement to myself.
    I am sooooooooooo happy for the two of you.

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