Queen For A Day

I broke down.  I finally hired a housecleaning service.  The idea was born when we were contracted to have our old house professionally cleaned before closing but in reality, the idea itself was conceived several weeks before.  Okay, I’ll just put it out there:  I am primarily responsible for all things related inside the house (cleaning, grocery shopping, meals, bills, etc).  I like an orderly house but I don’t necessarily like the act of putting things in order–it’s just a means to an end.  You know, like having to work a full-time job.  Hardly anyone just loves their job but it sure brings about good things.  But as time progresses, there’s just more going on–more people, more house, more stuff, and as of late, more me!  The latest revelation in that respect occurred last weekend when I was vacuuming and I noticed how much harder it was to push that thing around and I had to come up with some strategic bend-from-the-knees maneuvering to alleviate the pressure from my midsection.  Something had to give.  Yesterday, the Cleaning Fairies showed up on our doorstep and cleaned the house from top to bottom in a matter of hours while Mike and I worked in our offices.  That lingering smell of disinfectant and sanitization lingered in the air for hours, having nothing to do with my own effort.  I walked barefoot across our floors and my feet didn’t stick to anything.  They even stayed the same color.  It was lovely.  This weekend, I’m not going to worry about the condition of our house for our guests’ arrival.  I just might hit the pool instead.


2 thoughts on “Queen For A Day

  1. Cleaning Fairies definitely helps prevent Darth Mel from showing up on the weekends…..that’s just not good for anybody. Go Cleaning Fairies!

  2. Pssst.. we hired a cleaning lady also! IT IS AWESOME. She does such a better job than I ever did. She cleans stuff every time that I sort of thought of as a semi-annual project (like baseboards). On top of all that, I really like her! I think of it as helping the local economy. 🙂

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