Things have been pretty much nonstop since we found out we were pregnant back in early March.  We had been surreptitiously stalking the housing market and spent most weekends at open houses and had other signficant home projects lined up for the spring in order to get our house ready to sell.  I literally showed Mike an optimistically faint positive pregnancy test on the last day of our kitchen cabinet remodel.  Porches were restained.  The fence was repainted.  New carpets were installed.  Landscaping was tediously completed.    And while we had the grand idea to sell our old place first before even considering buying a new one, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to buy this house.  Everything about it told us it would be a screaming deal, all the while we were completely unprepared to do it and really had to scratch and claw to get the job done.  Fast forward to officially going under contract on this house and then scrambling to get our old house on the market and then spending 3 straight weeks of living gently in our own home for fear of on-the-spot requests for house showings and we were finally under contract on the old house.  A day later we decided to start packing up the old house and the next week we had movers come in and ever since then it’s been a neverending process of getting settled in while subconsciously holding our breath that our too-good-to-be-true contract on the old house would somehow slip through our fingers.  And somehow, through all that, we made it through most of the second trimester, nurturing this tiny, brand-new human being and finding out we’ll be welcoming a little boy come November.  Whew!

Well, today marks the day that we can reclaim our simple way of life.  Today we closed on our old house, and with that a chaotic chapter in what is turning out to be a quite a year.  Since our usual summer activities and travels have been put on hold thus far (and winter isn’t looking much better), we decided we are going to go out with a bang.  This will be our last summer with just the two of us and we need to take some time to really appreciate that.  We considered all kinds of destinations, like Europe, Hawaii, back to Alaska, and then Costa Rica and even staying somewhat local but we ultimately opted for a vacation where the only things on the itinerary was ease and relaxation:  an all-inclusive resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  This is so not the type of vacation that Mike and I usually take.  We usually put ourselves through the wringer of maximizing every hour of a vacation and seeing and doing as much as possible at the most economical rate.  But here, the only finger I plan to lift will be calling to order room service.  I’m sure there will be sights we should see but if we don’t happen to get to it, that’s fine by me.  Point me in the general direction of a lounge chair and/or a buffet and I will consider the day well-spent.  Maybe I’ll dust off some high-school Spanish.  Then again, maybe I won’t. 



2 thoughts on “Babymoon

  1. I was in the room as you and Mike discussed these plans. I was in the room as you typed up this post. And now as I read your blog, I am so happy for the two of you! You deserve the R&R.

  2. I highly recommend booking a spa treatment at the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach. I don’t think you have to be a guest there to go. It’s. Worth. Every. Penny.

    Get the hot stone massage. I nearly walked into a wall afterward because I was so relaxed.

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