Starter Supply Shopping

I’ve mentioned that we don’t have a nursery to furnish and decorate yet and the delivery of our stroller was delayed from yesterday to Monday so I’ve been chomping at the bit to feel like I’ve done something… anything! So Mike and I went to Target this afternoon and got some “emergency” supplies that can at least get us started right off the bat. Being the eternal researcher and shopper, I had an idea of what I wanted to get but also wanted to be mindful that I was taking Mike through unfamiliar and scary territory so we kept it short and sweet. He handled it very well! He had a very valid and logical opinion on how many diapers we should get (84? 72? 30? Sensitive?) and didn’t hesitate about which baby wash to choose from (I narrowed it down to two). I stopped short of buying products geared toward “mommy” (read: feminine supplies) because that seemed to be much scarier than the diaper aisle. Baby steps. For both of us.

The booty.  Such a different meaning now.

The booty. Such a different meaning now.

We didn't open the bag to inspect what newborn diapers looked like!

We didn't open the bag to inspect what newborn diapers looked like!

And of course you don’t go into Target without buying other stuff so we also picked up some other toiletries and kitty litter. The irony was not lost on me that we came home bearing supplies for all things that will be pooping in the house.

Tomorrow I am willingly getting up at 5 o’clock on Sunday morning to accompany Mike to a triathlon about an hour away… just because there so happens to be a Carter’s outlet nearby. What can I say–I’m a giver.

29 Weeks!

29 weeks

29 weeks

11 weeks to go! Although as Mike and I were talking last night, there is a reeeeeeeally good possibility that this baby will make an earlier appearance. What are the odds this kid waits until the arbitrary date the first ultrasound predicted? And there really isn’t any more room at the inn for a longer stay. Yikes!

Maternity (Leave) by Obscurity

Who knew it would be this hard to figure out what I’m entitled to? Using saved vacation time was a given. I also had a vague idea of what the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) was about and that my company didn’t have an official “maternity leave” program but that short-term disability would cover it. Handy bit of trivia: FMLA only protects your job but some other program, like short-term disability, is what would cover salary but they are commonly done in conjunction with one another. No one on my team has used maternity leave so no resource there. I combed through the maze of literature available on my company website and still only got a surface understanding of how it would all work and just came up with more questions. I finally emailed the HR short-term disability contact listed with specific questions and was ignored for an entire month before I decided to email a second HR contact and then next my boss, who forwarded it to the head of HR. Finally some answers! Ironically, another month goes by and the original HR contact emails me and asks if my questions have been answered and if not, to feel free to talk to him. Yeah, sure, thanks for the invitation! In any case, my next set of questions were answered with useful and detailed information in a much more timely manner and I think I’ve finally got a grasp of what my options really are and how they would affect us. Really? Every expecting woman at my company had to go through this runaround? Surely there should be some quick FAQ or cheatsheet that HR has put together for easy distribution? And since this isn’t specifically for maternity leave, these would be valid questions for ANYONE using short-term disability for any reason. Goodness. To give them some credit, it sounds like the information I was requesting would have eventually been revealed during the FMLA application process but I’m trying not to leave pesky things like maternity leave until the last minute!


Welcome to the Third Trimester!

28 weeks today and the start of the 7th month of pregnancy. Crazy! This week I did a second round of the glucose tolerance test which screens for gestational diabetes. They had tested me at my very first prenatal appointment since I have a family history of diabetes but this second test is typical for everyone around this week of pregnancy. The results came back negative but they did notice that my iron levels were a bit low. That’s pretty common at this point since the baby has gone through a crazy growth phase and my body had to go into overdrive to make more blood to support the both of us and iron is an important part of that process. The doc suggested an over-the-counter iron supplement and then they’ll test me again in another month to make sure my iron levels are at a good number again.

We are also moving ahead on the upstairs remodel! The architect is coming on Monday and from there he and the engineer will see if our plans are structurally feasible and then submit the plans to the city for building permits. If all goes well, construction will start at the end of September and the builders are projecting a completion date by Halloween. Cutting it close, I know, but better close than never! I’m a little bummed I can’t start decorating the nursery yet but we may go ahead and get the stroller and crib so we’ve got something in hand ahead of time. Eeek!