Getting Down to Business

I had another prenatal appointment yesterday. Between the typical weigh-in and blood pressure (yawn) and listening to the heartbeat (yay!), we were dealt another couple cards from the reality deck–a pre-admission form for the hospital and a list of recommended pediatricians. It’s easy to forget that I’m not just pregnant right now but I’m going to actually HAVE the baby soon enough.

We’re also trying to ready things at home. When we bought this house we knew there was a little work that we had to put into it. But as time went on, we decided to look into what it would take to put BIG work into it, namely expanding the upstairs area to bump out the roof in our bedroom and the nursery. We’re currently stalled on the estimate step of the process but even if we decide to go through with it, we’re looking at a relatively long timeline that might take us pretty much to when the little one is born. While I’m finally getting numb to the fact that we don’t have closets and our bedroom looks more like a freshman dorm room, the thought just kills me that I won’t be able to start buying stuff and decorating the nursery. Yes, I’ll probably drag my heels in picking out a pediatrician but darn it–I want to buy a crib that will stay empty for months!

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