Los Cabos? Or Lost Cabos?

So, we were up until just past midnight last night finishing work, packing and getting our affairs in order before heading out to Cabos for our ¨babymoon¨ which is suppose to be one final pre-kids stress free escape.  The alarm went off at 5:30 AM.  I showered and headed down at 5:50 AM to feed the cats and I realized my voicemail, email and text were blowing up with a big problem at work.  Oh crap!  We planned to leave at 6:00.  The woman carrying the baby in “babymoon” was still upstairs and I had drops of sweat forming on my forehead at the thought of ruining an event that was meant to counterbalance this exact type of scenario!  Work went on and by the grace of God we got out of there….albeit 30 minutes late.  Stress levels were high and smiles had been packed away in the suitcase awaiting arrival in Cabos before they would return.  I was hauling butt to the airport and running seriously late.  I dropped Melanie off with 8 mins to spare before Denver´s 45-minute pre-flight bag check rule bounced us from the flight.  She made it.   I sped off looking for parking. 

The first shot was a no-go when I accidentally landed in hourly parking.  On the second fly by I made it to the right lot….¨where is a spot…..where is a spot….where the mutha f is a spot!!¨  Eventually I found a space in the back of the lot where I could barely see the airport and started running towards towards the terminal with my bag of fruit swinging wildly in my hand.  I called Melanie and we agree to meet at the security line – she is already there.  When I arrive, we learn the hard way that both of Denver´s security checkpoints are open and we are standing at different ones.  This is not good.  We now have 25 minutes to spare!  She comes to me (not sure how I let that happen when she is almost 7 months pregnant) and we move through the line.  With 15 minutes to spare we race towards the train.  Of course we are at the last of 3 stops.  When the train opens I burst out and run up 2 flights of escalators and down the concourse.  I arrive at the gate 8 minutes before departure….doors are closed and I am given the big FU by the person guarding the closed door.  The only option on US Scare is to leave tomorrow.  I catch the train back to another concourse to see if we can get a flight on United while Melanie waits in a Southwest line.  By phone, we learn that her prices beat mine and I race back to concourse C to catch a flight that is leaving only 30 minutes after the one we just missed.  We get on and breathe a bit easier.

In the air, we realize that we´ll have 25 minutes in Phoenix to make our original connection to Cabo which is on another concourse and a huge haul away.  We give it our best shot.  At one point we split up when signs are unclear which concourse has our flight.  We make it with seconds to spare.  This is NOT the textbook way to start a babymoon.  Women this far pregnant are not built for high stress runs through an airport while carrying bags of fruit.  Despite the complete lack of food and water throughout all of this though, Melanie was doing great!

We land in Mexico (pronounced ¨Mexico¨ in English) and the stress continues as we wade our way through many many many folks trying to pry our dollars away from us.  It´s also 108 degrees and the stress of trying to find our shuttle is wearing us down.  Oh and then the wheel on our suitcase broke!!  When we FINALLY get to the hotel….we are down several hundred dollars, hot, stressed and tired from being up early and running all day.  We finally reach our room and look forward to a break from the 100-plus midday humid heat that has us sweating through our clothes only to realize….you guessed it, the AC in our room is not working.  Melanie needs food and is already leafing through the resort restaurants list, but I convince her to give me a few minutes to try in English….to convince the Spanish speaking folks at the desk that our situation, in a word, sucksmajormonkeyballs.  Without hesitation the senorita at the front desk gives us a new room that is way better in every way (not least of which is a working AC!). 

And with that, we could finally settle in…..of course until the pool bar shut down shortly after my first drink.  And that my friends is why I am here updating our blog on a Friday night at an all you can eat and drink resort in Cabo.  I have heard whispers of a bar in the lobby which I will be checking out shortly.  Until then, stay cool.  Oh, after we finally got into our new room with AC, THIS happened…..

Day One

Day One


2 thoughts on “Los Cabos? Or Lost Cabos?

  1. omg! All because of a 30 minute delay at the beginning. I am exhausted reading this. You have so much stamina and such long legs. Melanie has so much stamina too! Atta girl. I hope EVERYTHING from now on runs smoothly. Don’t leave the hammock unless it is to go to the pool and the pool bar. That’s the ticket! Love you three!

  2. None of this silly business would’ve happened had you visited Boston instead. Annnnnd, we have nice beaches and 90+ degree weather!

    Annnnyway, no more stress this week, you two, you don’t want to have Melanie go into premature labor! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

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