Mission Babymoon: Accomplished

Well, after an exciting start to the trip, the rest went much, much easier. I’ve always thought that Mike and I travel well together and we’re not terribly high-maintenance, so once we figure out how things work, we’re good to go. We had never stayed at an all-inclusive resort before and it was definitely an interesting experience. There were a few lows and lots of highs but in the end we had a fantastic time doing exactly what we came for. Some of the highlights:

Pro #1: Food, food, food!
Con #1: Do I really have to wear this bracelet?
Our particular resort markets having 5 restaurants but I’m guessing with the low capacity, the really only only have two open at a time. A buffet was always an option and the variety was amazing. Not only for one particular meal but over the course of our stay–you could certainly never repeat a menu and there was something for everyone. And my growing sweet tooth and I were in bliss over the dessert options. They weren’t all home runs but did I try to swing at everything available! In return for all this variety, we had to wear plastic bracelets indicating we were part of the all-inclusive plan for our entire stay. No big deal while on-site but we stuck out like sore thumbs when we ventured off the resort.

Pro #2: Where are the crowds?
Con #2: Yes, it does get hotter in Mexico in the summer.
Whew! I can’t believe I thought it got hot in Colorado. We reacquainted ourselves with the double-whammy that is both heat AND humidity during the day and at night. Aside from our room and being submerged in water, there was no escape. The indoor communal areas like the lobby and restaurants did have AC but someone needs to educate the resort personnel on the efficiency of closed doors and windows in these areas. The upside of coming at the low season was the lack of crowds. We never had a problem finding poolside loungechairs or waiting for a table at dinner. Actually, we didn’t even have a problem scoring a couple stools at the swim-up bar. Our first room was not up to par and we ended up getting an upgraded room. I can’t say we were on a first-name basis with the service staff but we certainly got the head nod and smile of recognition. I’m pretty sure Mike was known as “gin and tonic?” or “uno mas?”

Pro #3: Where are the Americans?
Con #3: Found them.
Our resort was at the opposite end of Cabo San Lucas in San Jose del Cabo. Much quieter part of Los Cabos with a downtown about 1% the size of Cabo San Lucas. I actually enjoyed staying in a more low-key area since I didn’t feel the pressure of doing and seeing everything a good little tourist is supposed to do. It also seemed to have a little bit more of an authentic Mexican vibe. On our last full day of the trip, we finally took a daytrip down to Cabo San Lucas to see the Arch by water taxi and the rest of downtown. This is definitely where all the action is, as marked by the Burger King, Subway, Walmart and the Hard Rock Cafe. Of course, the nice swimmable beaches were at this part of Los Cabos and you could get lost in all the options of where to eat, drink, and shop. At our quaint little resort, maybe half the guests were Americans and the rest from other parts of Mexico. Of course, the Americans we could identify made themselves painfully obvious by talking especially loudly and only in English. Mike and I dutifully said our please and thank-yous in Spanish as well as any other word or sentence we could string together, or at least asked how we should say it in Spanish. Not trying to be heroes or anything, but it was fun to try!

One thought on “Mission Babymoon: Accomplished

  1. What a great write-up, and now I really, really understand how NEAT blogs are. I’m so glad the hoopla and stress at the beginning resolved itself and you had a good time. The posted pictures are good too. You both really do look happy and care-free. Mission accomplished!

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