Welcome to the Third Trimester!

28 weeks today and the start of the 7th month of pregnancy. Crazy! This week I did a second round of the glucose tolerance test which screens for gestational diabetes. They had tested me at my very first prenatal appointment since I have a family history of diabetes but this second test is typical for everyone around this week of pregnancy. The results came back negative but they did notice that my iron levels were a bit low. That’s pretty common at this point since the baby has gone through a crazy growth phase and my body had to go into overdrive to make more blood to support the both of us and iron is an important part of that process. The doc suggested an over-the-counter iron supplement and then they’ll test me again in another month to make sure my iron levels are at a good number again.

We are also moving ahead on the upstairs remodel! The architect is coming on Monday and from there he and the engineer will see if our plans are structurally feasible and then submit the plans to the city for building permits. If all goes well, construction will start at the end of September and the builders are projecting a completion date by Halloween. Cutting it close, I know, but better close than never! I’m a little bummed I can’t start decorating the nursery yet but we may go ahead and get the stroller and crib so we’ve got something in hand ahead of time. Eeek!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Third Trimester!

  1. Happy 7th month of pregnancy!! You are sooooooo pregnant in your picture at Cabo San Lucas. Little mama (well, look who’s talking), you are still gorgeous, believe me. Can’t wait for baby M&M G. to arrive!! So exciting, really!
    Love you guys.

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