Is it October Yet?

We have entered Week 32, which means I’ve started my 8th month of pregnancy and have approximately 8 weeks more to go!. For you math sticklers that haven’t bought into the gestational 40 weeks of pregnancy that obstetricians follow, I have an entire month to COMPLETE the 8th month and then we can really get down to business in the 9th month. At this point, the baby is gaining about an ounce per day, so roughly a half-pound a week. I’ve been feeling much more intense movement lately but apparently this will start to decrease a bit as the baby runs out of room to wind back for a really good kick or a punch. I can pretty much count on him announcing his presence when I first wake up and start stretching around and again at mealtimes–pretty cute. I notice him moving around during my prenatal yoga classes too, which is a little distracting when I’m supposed to be doing some ridiculous tree or triangle pose. Lucky for me, the little one must have received my earlier letter as he has ventured out to the left side every now and then in the past few days.

In other exciting developments, our good friends Paul and Sarah just gave birth to baby girl Madeleine on Tuesday! They’ve been our barometer of what to expect all throughout our pregnancy so it was a big reality check visiting them at the hospital knowing that will be us in just a short time. It was enough for me to stop putting off buying nursery furniture until October and getting it all now while I’m still motivated and mobile. The original idea was to not bring more furniture in the house while the upstairs was getting renovated but since our start date looks like it will be pushed out even later, there’s an excellent chance we’ll still be living downstairs after we bring the baby home as renovations finish up (*potential no-vacancy alert for any family who is interested in visiting during the first few weeks*). We now have a changing table and the matching crib but still need to get the mattress, which was not in stock at several stores we tried (grr). I’m okay with not having an official nursery at this point and everything we have at the moment is on wheels so we can just set up shop wherever we need to.

The next few weeks will be a little crazy but once October comes around, I am planning to go into full nesting mode, unabashed and unashamed!

(PS: I promise to post a few new pics this week! I added a few new non-pregnancy pics on Facebook earlier this week, for you inquiring minds…)

One thought on “Is it October Yet?

  1. Gosh! I always leave a comment! I am fascinated by your progress and wish that we lived closer. I saw a picture of you with baby Madeline in the hospital, but don’t recall any others. But I’m waiting!

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