Pictures From This Week


Somehow all these pieces will transform into something that will soothe our baby


The Beast is VERY excited about this new pile of laundry


It hardly seems worth folding


Mike thinks this is funny


I could have sworn my shirt covered my stomach. And that the tattoo was much smaller.

Happy 37 Weeks!

The baby is officially full-term! Of course, he could still use a little more “cooking” but if anything were to happen now, it would be a lot less alarming. He is definitely continuing to grow and take up more room, as evidenced by the full-on, belly-wide rolls that visibly ripple across my entire midsection. Mike actually got to witness such a show last night and I can’t figure out if he was more amazed or grossed out. He asked what it felt like and I had a really hard time describing it with the significance it deserved. All I could come up with was “major violent gas”. Dikembe has tunneled her way into the inside of Mike’s zipped fleece a couple times in the past and that’s probably the closest metaphor I could ever use.

I finally washed all of the baby clothes, blankets and towels this morning. I didn’t get any special baby detergent but instead opted for the fragrance- and dye-free detergent. The results are a letdown. No baby smell here. The next thing on the list this weekend is packing The Hospital Bag.

Weekly OB appointments from here on out. Home stretch, baby!

Whine and Cheese

I can honestly say I’m in bed for at least 7 hours every night but the shooting pains on whichever hip I am laying on make the actual hours of sleep much, much less.

I recently realized I do have stretch marks.

Sir Braxton-Hicks-a-Lot

Obviously walking uphill is not pleasant but walking downhill puts a new strain on holding things together in the area below the belt.

The only mirrors available in the house during all this construction only shows me from the shoulders up. I guess that could actually be a good thing but I have to confirm with Mike that I can leave the house like this. The rest of the time, I’m going by “feel”.

Leaning forward at my desk makes my back feel better but kicks off the heartburn.

The days of guiltless snacking and desserting are numbered and accountability is around the corner.

I hate having to be prepared for the little one to arrive early or late.

How many more weeks again?!?!