House Renovations – Day 1

So today the “crew” showed up to begin adding two new dormers and an expansion upstairs to add some more square footage.  The idea is to create a bigger master bedroom and a bigger nursery for the little guy.  We have been kicked out of our upstairs and have moved EVERYTHING downstairs and are now sleeping in a guest room/Melanie’s office for the next five weeks.  Soooooo, we’re a bit cramped.  It’s all exciting though.  The project should be completed in five weeks and the baby is due in six…, yeah, it’s tight!!

I created a category for “house updates” which seems odd, but when your house is at least 115 years old, then “house updates” gets its own category.  Respect your elders.

Our bedroom as we left it when we woke up:

Looks neat....looks normal.

Looks neat....looks normal.


Our bedroom as we found it when we returned that evening:

CONstruction or DEstruction?

CONstruction or DEstruction?

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