The Passage of Time

Ever since we found out we were pregnant in March, I’ve measured time differently. It wasn’t enough to look at the calendar and be satisfied that today is “Saturday”. How many weeks pregnant did that mean now? How much longer until November? How much of my seasonal wardrobe still fits today? And while it’s true that the concept of being pregnant dominates most of my mental capacity at any given moment, we have been on such a roller coaster ride since that day in March. Seasons and occasions come and went, mostly without the pomp and circumstance it usually entailed. New landmark moments replaced holidays. We didn’t throw a Memorial Day barbecue; we landscaped our yard to prepare for the immediate market response after getting the house listed. We didn’t celebrate our anniversary; we closed and moved into our new home. We didn’t go watch July 4th fireworks; we decided it wasn’t worth the effort. Elaborate plans for a housewarming party never materialized. I had told myself that I wouldn’t freak out about baby “stuff” until October but I don’t really recall August and September passing me by, although I know that we went to Mexico, Mike had a wildly successful Ironman-distance race, and both our families came out to visit for an incredible baby shower. And today, we got our first real taste of the coming winter with below-freezing temperatures and significant snowfall but I didn’t even give it a second thought that we’ve been in shorts and slathering on sunscreen at this time in recent years. It just doesn’t matter that it is only the second week of October. What does matter is that we have started our 35th week of pregnancy and we officially only have 5 weeks left until the due date. In fact, after this week, Mike and I will go into “any day now” mode, which will probably also overshadow any plans of doing anything for Halloween, but I do know that’s two weeks before D-day.

Ironically, on that fateful March day where hope and science finally worked together, we were wrapping up kitchen remodeling at our old place in order to get it ready to sell and now we’ve just embarked on an upstairs remodel to improve our bedroom and the nursery which should wrap up right when the baby is born. I really should get reacquainted with an actual calendar sooner rather than later.


One thought on “The Passage of Time

  1. Musings. I love your musings. You are finding yourself meditating, contemplating, imagining . . . and I’m glad you are getting it down on “paper” (so to speak). I am so excited with you. A new addition to go with your new home; a new addition to join your happy lives. Woopie!

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