Whine and Cheese

I can honestly say I’m in bed for at least 7 hours every night but the shooting pains on whichever hip I am laying on make the actual hours of sleep much, much less.

I recently realized I do have stretch marks.

Sir Braxton-Hicks-a-Lot

Obviously walking uphill is not pleasant but walking downhill puts a new strain on holding things together in the area below the belt.

The only mirrors available in the house during all this construction only shows me from the shoulders up. I guess that could actually be a good thing but I have to confirm with Mike that I can leave the house like this. The rest of the time, I’m going by “feel”.

Leaning forward at my desk makes my back feel better but kicks off the heartburn.

The days of guiltless snacking and desserting are numbered and accountability is around the corner.

I hate having to be prepared for the little one to arrive early or late.

How many more weeks again?!?!

3 thoughts on “Whine and Cheese

  1. Awwwww….. I think you’re getting anxious. But in a good way. The inevitable is . . . inevitable! No turning back. And your body is showing signs of reaching its….its….uh….potential! And yeah, the food free-for-all will have to come to an end (not that you over-indulged). But you can finally put wine back on the list!

  2. I hate to hear you talking like a Debbie-Downer!! But I have to admit that your narrative of negatives took me down memory lane and made me chuckle. You’re in the home stretch, baby!! And no matter how trying, enjoy every minute of it. It’s an experience unlike any other. And here’s a little uplift: If you breastfeed, you can continue the guiltless snacking and desserting for a little longer. You’re body needs the extra calories to produce milk. So…bring on the value-size bag of sour cream and onion potato chips and the extra pints of mint chocolate chip ice cream!!!!

  3. My best friend from growing up, Daphne, is pregnant and due right at the same time you are. I went up to visit recently and she said, “Enough! I wish the baby would just come already!” And I said, “Yeah – but then you’ll have a baby.” And she said, “You’re right – I’m screwed either way.” 🙂 🙂

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