Happy 37 Weeks!

The baby is officially full-term! Of course, he could still use a little more “cooking” but if anything were to happen now, it would be a lot less alarming. He is definitely continuing to grow and take up more room, as evidenced by the full-on, belly-wide rolls that visibly ripple across my entire midsection. Mike actually got to witness such a show last night and I can’t figure out if he was more amazed or grossed out. He asked what it felt like and I had a really hard time describing it with the significance it deserved. All I could come up with was “major violent gas”. Dikembe has tunneled her way into the inside of Mike’s zipped fleece a couple times in the past and that’s probably the closest metaphor I could ever use.

I finally washed all of the baby clothes, blankets and towels this morning. I didn’t get any special baby detergent but instead opted for the fragrance- and dye-free detergent. The results are a letdown. No baby smell here. The next thing on the list this weekend is packing The Hospital Bag.

Weekly OB appointments from here on out. Home stretch, baby!

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