Oh, I’m definitely doing it. No more putting off any basic picking up or cleaning. Laundry gets thrown in the wash as soon as it becomes a full load. The freezer gets a new quick-fix addition or two everytime I come back from the grocery store. I’ve reprioritized my already limited wardrobe so that I only have to go to one easy-to-access box for everything instead of diving under the bed for various pieces of clothing from my previous organizational attempt. I saw an infomercial on a steamer mop and I’m convinced I just have to have one.

And I’m not alone. Mike has made several lists of things to do, and most importantly, things are actually getting crossed off! The car seat base has been installed. His hospital bag is now packed. Contact lists have been created. We have gone over and over our “labor checklist” so that we are less likely to run amok when the time comes (yeah, right).

We suspect the furry siblings-to-be are doing their part to not be forgotten when we bring home the new member of the family. They’ve been ultra-cute and affectionate.


38+ weeks


Who knew increased surface area would make me that much more appealing?


How sibling rivalry starts


Looking for an upgrade

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