Yup, Still Pregnant

*Just in case you were wondering and checking back often.

Yesterday we started our 39th week! One more week to go, if the kid is like me and tries to be punctual so that no one is inconvenienced… and two more weeks if the kid is like Mike and tries to push it to the absolute limit before getting kicked out. According to my last conversation with the OB, they won’t induce labor until you reach 42 weeks (when the placenta start to no longer be efficient in providing for the baby) but they also try to avoid scheduling such an event on weekends and holidays so it’s looking like the absolute end date would be 11/23. Can I wait that long? Yet, at the same time, how weird is it to know for sure that our baby will definitely be with us by a certain date?

Coincidentally enough, our due date for the house renovations has also been pushed out until the 23rd. I know I have very little control over both of these events but I’m determined to do what I can to help things along, at least in my own labor department. Mike and I picked up a Wii last night, partially lying by saying it’s for all the guests we’ll be entertaining when the baby arrives, and spent the rest of the night trying out all the games. This morning I cleaned the house and then in the afternoon Mike and I tackled yard work for 3 hours. Sooooo gratifying. Call it the burst of energy that pregnant women supposedly get before they go into labor, but I suspect it has something to do with the obnoxiously large brunch we enjoyed at the Original Pancake House beforehand. I have since refueled with an obscene amount of brownies. (Note to baby: Don’t ever say your mom didn’t do anything right by you.)

4 thoughts on “Yup, Still Pregnant

  1. I just (JUST) said to Frank, “It’s less than a week!!!! Melanie could be going into labor as we speak!” Little did I know you were writing an update. Thanks. You know I check back all the time, every day, actually several times a day.

    Do you still feel him move? I guess so, because when he stops, it’s ’cause he’s movin’ on down! Your ob doesn’t seem to have any concern about the little mama/big baby thing that I can’t help but visualize. Especially if he has noted November 23 and his/your/our calendar as the ultimate birth date.

    Unless Michael is really set on Thomas Jefferson, my Catholic calendar lists several saints’ days:
    Nov. 10 – Pope Leo the Great
    Nov. 11 – St. Martin of Tours
    Nov. 12 – St. Josaphat (please no)
    Nov. 13 – St. Frances Xavier Cabrini

    Food for thought (and laughs). LOVE you all. k

  2. Hmmmmm. Ben is taken (and it will be too confusing.) I’ve always liked Andrew (AJ?). The Incredible Hulk can always be a good NICKNAME.

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