Stop Me If You’ve Heard This

So we all know we’re getting work done on the house, to put it mildly. The guy that delivered the new upstairs windows yesterday asked “so, what, about a month and a half left?” and I responded with “well, due date is Saturday.” With some disbelief that I mistook for being in such great shape (smirk), he remarked “no way–you haven’t even dropped yet.” Um, thanks? Okay, perhaps I’m not giving him enough credit. As a professional window deliverer, he probably knows exactly where the baby is in my pelvis.

4 thoughts on “Stop Me If You’ve Heard This

  1. oy!! that makes me laugh!! that guy probably does know where that baby is–we were at panera the other day and a woman who was VERY pregnant and VERY low walked in and bryan was like “good god almighty, that baby’s low. she’ll probably deliver like tomorrow.” who knows if she did or not, but if this guy has a kid or two, he may know! of course, you ARE in fabulous shape and you could drop and be ready in a couple days! i’m sure i’m terrbibly annoying with all my posts, but you’re cracking me up! i’m so glad to see you’re hanging in there, sense of humor in tact (or at least sarcasm fully operative). talk to you soon!

  2. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    The fact that he was scrutinizing exactly where the biggest bulge was between your boobs and your pelvis makes me just shake my head.

    We’re all just one big family, aren’t we?

    (and you ARE in good shape)

  3. That’s great! The postal worker the other day told me that I had dropped. An OB appointment after that seemed to confirm that might be the case so who knows, maybe the window man knows what he’s talking about:) Good luck!

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