Ups and Downs

I went to my 40-week appointment this morning and got some good news. After putting off dilation/effacement checks for the last two weeks, I decided to go ahead and get more bang for my buck out of this appointment, so to speak. As it turns out, the doctor confirmed that the baby’s head is “very low” and that I am 3 centimeters dilated and 70% effaced. Before we get all excited and pick up the phone, it still doesn’t really mean anything is imminent. What it does mean is that the baby knows where the exit is and if I still have to be induced next Monday, they’re not going to have to do a bunch of crazy stuff to get my body ready for the induction. Very good news indeed! The process of getting induced already sounds like a chore but if my body still wasn’t quite ready for it, then it was going to be a much more unpleasant road. I thought I was feeling some very mild contractions at distant intervals last night and I was wondering if it was doing the trick so here’s hoping things keep progressing naturally!

8 thoughts on “Ups and Downs

  1. Our experience, for what it’s worth:

    Alice started dilating three weeks ago, hence the doc’s (inaccurate) prediction the baby would arrive a week or two before the Nov. 13 due date. She was at 5 cm and 80 percent for the last week. We were scheduled for induction on Nov. 20, but Alice had her membranes stripped on Tuesday to help get things moving, and it apparently worked; she had a couple of 4-hour “false labors” on Wednesday and Thursday; Sunday around 3 a.m. real (painful) contractions started. By 2 p.m. she was at 5-minute intervals, so we went to the hospital.

    Avista has a spa room with a big oversized tub. That worked wonders — it put her in transition by about 5 p.m. (I recommend this to get things moving). She started pushing at 6:15 and baby Charlotte was here at 7:03.

    The next woman after us to use the spa room actually went from 6 to 10 cm in ten minutes and had to give birth in the room! Not what the docs wanted, but it happened so quickly they couldn’t get her to a birth room.

    So best of luck to you guys — Best, John

  2. Thanks for the info John. That approach sounds more sensible than me just yelling at Melanie….”DO IT!…….DO IT!!…..DO IT NOW!!……DO IT NOW!!”

  3. Im with John- get your membranes stripped and avoid the hell out of a pitocin induction. Put it off longer than the 23rd if you can (remember, Dr’s work for you- they aren’t in charge). I know its tough to still be pregnant but a membrane stripping will be MUCH safer than a formal induction. Stay out of warm tubs in EARLY labor though- they slow it down if youre under 5 cm and Foothills has hot tubs in all the rooms- I spent most of my labor in ours 🙂 You’ll get there, dont let the docs bully you into an early induction!

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