Melanie and Maxon Tribute Video

It’s a pretty amazing experience to watch your wife go through pregnancy and birth. As the guy you end up largely as a spectator, but at least that gives you time to make videos of everything while everybody else does all the work. I love these two more than ever….

More pictures to come!

12 thoughts on “Melanie and Maxon Tribute Video

  1. aaahh! i’m totally crying right now… that was a great video! thanks for posting mike! hugs to maxon and melanie (and you of course)!

  2. I now keep repeating “ONE shining MO-ment…” in my head. Thanks for that. Great montage though. Once you get enough video of him over the next few years you’re going to have to go 80’s style.

  3. Hey, That’s what I do! You have spoiled us now – I need a daily Maxon fix – I watch him sleeping every day. Everything okay? Lacation nazis giving you any trouble?

  4. Today’s goal is to get a boatload of photo’s up. That was also yesterday’s goal though : \ But I feel pretty good about up everything up today. Stay tuned!!

  5. Beautiful slide show. Everyone looks great! Thanks for posting this. Will call soon- can’t wait to see him (and you guys!)

    Love, Meg.

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