Bunches Of Photos of Maxon

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We’ve posted a bunch of a photos of Maxon over the last few days here: View Photos.  He continues to be a happy and healthy little kid.  Melanie’s mom is out to visit and was literally jumping for joy when she first saw him. 




Below is a video of Maxon dealing with a case of the hiccups.  You can view more videos that aren’t posted on the blog by going here: View All Videos.   

5 thoughts on “Bunches Of Photos of Maxon

  1. ooooooo What a wonderful maxon fix!!! Told you he would wear all his outfits! You guys look great and happy. Love you!! Miss you!!

  2. oh my god! eric and i are sitting her watching all maxon’s little movies and reading your blog (and yes, “they” trust you with him for 7 weeks!) and he is precious! i love that you’re video-ing all of this too–we have a handful of movies from when all mine were that tiny and the time will begin to fly faster than you ever thought possible so record everything! every last outfit! every burp, explosive diaper, smile, new food, everything! you’ll look back in a few (VERY short) years and in all liklihood sit and weep (for joy, of course) at the little human you had a part in creating. i cannot cannot cannot WAIT to see all of you in three weeks!! KEEP MAKING MOVIES MIKE!! talk to you soon!


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