Maxon Turns Four Weeks Old Video – Part II

Wondering where Part I is? Well, there is no Part I. Part I was my failed attempt yesterday to get this post out to all of Maxon’s fans. I posted it on YouTube and I guess YouTube is a big time fan of Maxon because they must have viewed it pretty quickly. Any then quickly decided I violated a song copyright and turned off the sound of the video. And well in thinking about it, I can’t blame them. I mean, a Dad trying to put music to a few pictures of his four-week old son to share with grandma….the NERVE! Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, and then me in that order as the world’s three worst people.

But I digress. So, Maxon turned four weeks old Friday.  He is now officially a big boy.  Below is a video* of many of the images we have captured during that time.  He is truly an interesting creature with a diversity of interests and emotions.

*What you see below is not actually a video. It’s an image OF a video. However, if you click it, a video NOT located at YouTube will pop up and play. These are the kind of evil workarounds** villans like myself have to come up with.

  **You have to admit though, it’s kind of clever*** with the pic and all.

 ***Just don’t tell anyone because I didn’t really resolve the copyright problem, I just scooted around the problem so I still might be well on my way to prison/the chair.  

2 thoughts on “Maxon Turns Four Weeks Old Video – Part II

  1. Belated happy (1 month) birthday!! I knew it… just didn’t call or email. Wait, I think we SKYPED that day! Oh well, Maxon, once again happy 1 month birthday. I love you and I miss you. XOXOXO. All my love from lola.

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