On/Off Switch

This kid has one. He can go from screaming at the top of his lungs at nothing and then absolutely stop and look around like everything is fine. It’s most obvious when he’s tired and ready for a nap but he can’t make himself just stop what he’s doing and chill out–he needs to be turned off by some active soothing techniques. The crying seems to be more of a formality, at least for the “I’m tired” kind of cry. Like, just now, at 6:10pm the ceiling fan and various other toys that surrounded him became a little too much and by 6:12pm, the leg kicks were no longer from excitement and the meltdown began and then by 6:15pm, I had put him down in his pack-and-play, completely out. How long he stays down, however, is a different blog post.

Another example where he needs an intervention is in his bouncy seat. He looooooves the little animals that reside there and can stay entertained for a good amount of time. But, when his coos start becoming little squeaks of distress, that most likely means he has been so engrossed that he probably hasn’t blinked in a few minutes. I have literally seen him take several quick blinks and his eyes water when I remove the toy bar.

Well, there goes the “on” switch. The beast has already awoken from his nap…

2-Month Doctor Appointment

We just got back from the doctor’s and all went very well. Maxon is now a whopping 22.75 inches long (tall?) and weighs 10 pounds, 10 ounces. He held up really well, considering he was first awoken from a cozy nap, stripped down to his skivvies and then poked and prodded by the nurse and the doc. It got a little bit interesting when it was vaccination time. Here he was cooing and hanging out and then all of a sudden he was attacked by 3 huge needles. It broke my heart to see him react and hear him cry when I know for a fact it was all from pain. Luckily, it was all over quickly and he was able to calm down but I’m not entirely sure he ever forgave the nurse. He is conked out at the moment and I don’t want to mess with him or I’d otherwise have pictures of his nifty little bandaids on his chubby little thighs.

Leaps and Bounds

Every day gets just a little bit more exciting! He becomes so much more aware with each passing day and it’s so fun to see what he’s discovered next. Not only has the mobile above his crib become part of his morning wake-up routine, but he’s also noticed the mirror at the base of the mobile and the mirror on his activity mat. He hasn’t said too much yet but I’m pretty sure he thinks the baby in the mirror is pretty darn cute. Ironically, with all the little animals and the ridiculous colors and patterns on the various “activity” toys we have, he’s just as enthralled with his own right fist. It hasn’t made it into his mouth yet and the left one has been largely ignored but we’ll see what happens next week.

Big Weekend

Last weekend Maxon met Tita Erika, Uncle Brett and little Malina. Erika took a lot more pictures of Malina and Maxon together but here is a cute one of a walk we took to lunch on Pearl Street. Such a different scenario from the last time Erika and Brett came out to visit a few years ago!

A couple of other random pictures:

Cheering on the Heels for the UNC/VT game

Having a rough day

Snuggling with Daddy