Holiday Hiatus

We’ve made it through our first holiday season with Maxon and we’ve seen so many changes in him just in that short time.  First off, his umbilical cord stump FINALLY fell off at when he was about 4 weeks old.  Much later than expected but really what we were antsy about was giving him his first bath!  Tita Steph was able to witness this since she was already here to spend Christmas with us.

Another thing that has changed since Maxon was born was the type of gifts we give each other.  For my birthday, I left Maxon home with Mike and got my first haircut in 6 months.  Mike gave me a sound machine… for Maxon’s crib.  For Christmas, I got Mike a Sony Webbie so that he could create his legendary videos and post them online with more ease.  Not only did Mike get me Rock Band, but he (and Maxon) also gave me a bouncy chair that vibrates.  Okay, so it was really for Maxon but let me tell you how much enjoyment (and peace… and unoccupied arms…) Mike and I have already gotten out of it. Actually, it was really timely since Maxon has entered the stage where he’s really seeing things and is totally enthralled by it all.  He can stare at the toys on his bouncy chair for 20 straight minutes and he tracks the moving objects in the mobiles on his crib and pack-and-play.  He’s also started to smile in response to people and facial expressions, which is just so much fun.

Tita Steph was not the only Christmas visitor.  Babcie and Diadze also came out and spent almost 2 weeks with us over the holidays.  Besides the obvious benefit that they were able to meet and spend a lot of quality time with their newest grandson but Mike and I were able to pretend that we had free and flexible time.  We even went out for a date and ate a meal at the same time and got to savor every bite instead of stuffing it down quickly in hopes of finishing before the little angel woke up and got antsy.  Divine!

We’re approaching the 7-week mark in the young life of Master Maxon.  It’s too premature to say that we have a real routine down but I see one emerging ever so slowly.  We can count on 3-hour stretches at night now and we’ve even seen a few 4+ hour stretches for the first part of the night.  His awake time is so much more gratifying now that he is so alert and responsive.  We’re still in an ‘tweener state with sizing.  The newborn-size diapers are not enough to contain some of his dirty handiwork but the size 1s leave a little bit too much of a gap around the legs.  His newborn sleepers are stretched to the max but he can still get both legs into one leg of a 0-3 sleeper.  I’ve given up on the newborn onesies.  So much has changed in even the last 2 weeks that I can’t even imagine what we have in our near future.

5 thoughts on “Holiday Hiatus

  1. This is so gratifying. I wish I am back there to witness more of Maxon’s developments. Thank you guys for these updates. I’m savoring every word you put here. I miss you terribly, Maxon!! All my love from lola linda.

  2. Ditto what Lola Linda said. We loved our visit with you three, and with Stehanie. Though I was so sad when I left, I know that Maxon is in good hands. I saw it first-hand. For that, I am happy.

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