Video Now on Facebook

It seems that WordPress does not allow for video file types so I’m posting videos to Facebook instead. Check it out if you’re on FB! It’s called “Discovering the Crib Mobile”.

4 thoughts on “Video Now on Facebook

  1. I have a concern. Videos on FB goes away, am I right? In this case, are you going to put this in your “video” categories here in your blog so it stays forever? You know me, I go to your blog everyday and look on all videos as my past time. And this particular video cure my loneliness and keeps me company. Love you guys.

    • Nope, videos are like the photo albums–I don’t think they go away. You’d just have to go to my profile page in order to get to it quicker. Unless someone out there corrects me???

  2. For whatever reason, you don’t have a video tab. So, can you…1) add it or 2) tag Mom (and me for that matter) so then it will appear on our own pages under Videos of Me. That way, we won’t bug you all the time to keep re-sharing it. LOL!

  3. Lordy, lordy. I just went to Melanie’s profile to check out the situation. Sure enough. All videos are there….and I watched them all. Ahhhh. Got my Maxon fix.

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