On/Off Switch

This kid has one. He can go from screaming at the top of his lungs at nothing and then absolutely stop and look around like everything is fine. It’s most obvious when he’s tired and ready for a nap but he can’t make himself just stop what he’s doing and chill out–he needs to be turned off by some active soothing techniques. The crying seems to be more of a formality, at least for the “I’m tired” kind of cry. Like, just now, at 6:10pm the ceiling fan and various other toys that surrounded him became a little too much and by 6:12pm, the leg kicks were no longer from excitement and the meltdown began and then by 6:15pm, I had put him down in his pack-and-play, completely out. How long he stays down, however, is a different blog post.

Another example where he needs an intervention is in his bouncy seat. He looooooves the little animals that reside there and can stay entertained for a good amount of time. But, when his coos start becoming little squeaks of distress, that most likely means he has been so engrossed that he probably hasn’t blinked in a few minutes. I have literally seen him take several quick blinks and his eyes water when I remove the toy bar.

Well, there goes the “on” switch. The beast has already awoken from his nap…

5 thoughts on “On/Off Switch

  1. Okay…he’s hair is STILL getting lighter!!!! And he just KEEPS on getting cuter! I still wanna see a picture of his chubby thighs. EEEEE!!!! I just wanna eat him up!

  2. OMG!!!! So adorable please somebody kill me now if don’t hold him at this moment!!! I am going crazy here, you guys!!!! I miss you sooooo much Maxon. LOVE.. LOVE.. LOVE

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