Baby on the Move

Last night Mike and I seperately noticed that Maxon rediscovered the stickers on his changing table and pumped his legs vigorously in excitement. So much so that he managed to scoot himself upwards on the table until his head was pressed up against the top edge but it didn’t seem to bother him. I guess that’s it for letting him hang out on the table while we throw his diaper away! As it turns out, the scooting didn’t end there. When we lay Maxon down in his crib, we obviously do it lengthwise. This is how we found him this morning.

This is not how we left you

Just today I noticed that he not only is interested on what’s going on on the left side of his vision but he’s going for it physically. He is totally pitching his body to that side. He’s far from actually rolling over since it takes a bit to haul the noggin over and his left arm is completely stretched out but it’s exciting nonetheless. He also seems to tolerate tummy time better but we’ve been using the Boppy as a starting point and I think he digs the new view.

It's only a matter of time

He is still pretty proud of his right fist and uses it to bat at stuff but he now relaxes it and purposefully grabs with his fingers. It takes a bit of concentration!

Look what I can finally hold!

Best news for today: he slept for 8.5 hours straight last night! We don’t expect a repeat performance (but one can always hope) and it was such a luxury to stay in bed for the entire night. I say “stay in bed” because I woke up every hour after 2am wondering both if this was when I finally had to get up to feed him and if he was still breathing.

These are so cool. Thanks Tita Steph!

Daddy stole my toy

Hee hee... we never see his arms

I just love this picture


5 thoughts on “Baby on the Move

  1. Cute. Cute. Cute. Looks like he will be rolling to this stomach from lying down anytime now. He’s growing!!! yep and how time flies…. You’re so adorable Maxon. Miss you very much.

  2. that swaddler thing. awesome! he is soooooo cute! Can’t wait for the summer! (i bet I can dig up one of ben/zach’s old “suits”

  3. He WILL fall off of the bed/couch/other elevated surface and when he does, you’re not the worst mother of the year. It happens to everyone (although I STILL feel terrible about Malina falling off of the bed).

    I purposefully laid Malina in her crib crosswise for the first few months. Supposedly babies like the feeling of being enclosed and when you put them in the crib lengthwise, there’s just too much room at the head and feet. So, it’s been suggested to lay them crosswise to give them a more secure feeling. Although, now, Malina scootches into the one corner of her crib that’s not visible by the video monitor. Grrrrr….

    I think the reason why most babies first roll over from their tummy to their back is because they use the momentum from their noggins falling down to flip the rest of their teeny little bodies over.

    Everytime I think that Maxon is the epitome of cuteness, you go and post a new pic that’s even cuter! AAGGHH!!…He is JUST. TOO. CUTE!!!!!

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