Rolling Over

He did it! He has been better about tummy time lately but I’ve been putting him on the Boppy first so that he’s at least propped up and not sucking the blanket when his neck got tired. But this morning, moments after putting him on the Boppy, he just flopped over! He’s been rolling from side to side while on his back lately, swaddled or not, so I thought it was just a fluke, not to mention the softness of the pillow probably giving him some momentum. So I took him off the Boppy and laid him directly on the blanket and seconds later he was on his back! I tried to record the next attempt but he must have been too tired and Mike was out at the time so he had to take my word for it. We tried again after Maxon woke up from his nap and he barely waited until I had my hands off of him before he flipped over. Nope, this is no fluke! I’m watching him now trying to roll to his left side in such earnest and I wonder when he’s finally going to get the momentum to roll from back to front. This may be the end to official tummy time. We finally caught it on camera and I’ll be posting it to Facebook.

In the meantime, here are some pictures from this week.


One thought on “Rolling Over

  1. Yay Maxon!!!!! The “Nothing but trouble…” picture is so cute. You can already tell that he’s gonna play you guys…a lot! And even though you’ve been forewarned that he’s gonna play you, you will still fall for it. Every time. I know I will.

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