Crappy Napper

This boy does not stay down long during the day. On average, he takes 45-minute naps every few hours but this week it’s more like the 20-30 minute range, which can’t be all that refreshing. Definitely not for the parents! Luckily he usually wakes up happy and pleasant. I usually let him chatter away for a few minutes before I go in and get him, really to see if he’ll fall back asleep, but once he gets talking to his mobile animals, the party has started. Unfortunately, this does not translate into longer sleeping stints at night and if anything, he’s had shorter stints this week as well (*yawn*). Hopefully this phase will pass quickly!

And speaking of chatter, he is nonstop these days! Everyone and everything gets a talking to. He makes new sounds everyday so now I have to relearn the difference between winding up to a real cry and just making a statement. And he makes some strong statements.


3 thoughts on “Crappy Napper

  1. Don’t you wish you understand what he is chattering about though, or at least know what he wants? Lovely kid! I miss you Maxon……

  2. At first I thought the title was “Crappy Nappy” and thought you went all British on us…ewwww. Maxon is already a party animal!

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