Rolling Over, Part Deux-Deux

He did it again this morning! Back to belly, one arm awkwardly oustretched behind him. And, of course, I missed it again. I had my phone, still and video camera next to me all day, trying to catch the epic event but it has not yet occurred again. Not for lack of trying though! I have plenty of video of Maxon trying to get himself over, not quite making it, and being absolutely irritated by it. And not only is Maxon trying to roll in whatever direction he is not in, he also seems to be experimenting with some new noises. Lots of grunting, some yelling, and during the trip to Virginia, a little laughing.

As for the real deux-deux of it all, Maxon seemingly wants to stretch out his time between poops. Probably just to freak us out. He went 7 days without a single movement and really didn’t seem to mind the entire time. Of course, those of us on the outside minded when he let off a little “steam” now and then. Whew. Those were some grown-up fumes.

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