Maxon the Destroyer

Our gladiator. Rawr.

 Maxon is getting pretty good at going for a toy and gripping it with all his might but it’s starting get violent. The owl on his bouncy chair, although merely attached by velcro, regularly gets ripped down but the remaining raccoon and hedgehog are obviously next on the hit list. The links on his playmat? Child’s play. You’ve seen what he’s capable of with his swaddling blanket. And it’s not just the physical violence either. All acts of gripping, ripping, and gumming are accompanied by his new battle cries–high-pitched shrieking and grunting that we’re having trouble differentiating between “I’m done with this” and “here, check this one out”. For what it’s worth, he doesn’t seem to know his own strength yet. In the interest of trying to check out new areas of his crib a few nights ago, he managed to roll over onto his tummy, still swaddled. Twice.

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