Road Trip – Utah or Bust!

TODAY: Drive to Fruita, CO. Normally, a 4+ hour drive but there was a rock slide last month in Glenwood Canyon that littered I-70 with huge boulders. Google Maps says we have to take a big detour off the highway adding more than an hour to the trip. Mapquest (and CDOT) says there is one lane open in each direction on I-70 and only tacks on a little more drive time. We’ll see what we end up getting!

THURSDAY: Continue driving to St George, UT. Mike will check in for the Ironman race. Game on.

FRIDAY: Mike will do last-minute preparations for the race and Maxon and I will check out the outlet mall =)

SATURDAY: Race day!!! Mike will be out dominating the course and I’ll be doing my best sending out updates on Mike and entertaining Maxon from sunrise to sunset.

SUNDAY: Make sure Mike is still in one piece. Head out to Zion National Park.

MONDAY: Drive out to Bryce National Park.

TUESDAY: Start heading back but stopping again in Fruita, CO and meeting up with Brady!

WEDNESDAY: Homeward bound.

Solid Food

Since Maxon was catching on to the fact that Mommy and Daddy have WAY more interesting looking food and started going for our drinking glasses and coffee mugs a couple weeks ago, I decided to let him have a couple licks of cantaloupe.  Insert standard sour-puss look here.  He didn’t seem too keen on any more of that so I let it go.  Then a few days later, I caught him eying my apple.  I let him catch a whiff of that and before I knew it, he was happily gumming away on it!  Same thing with a banana, despite more sour-puss looks after each taste.  I don’t think he got much of anything than a taste, which I thought was a horrible tease, so I finally bought some rice cereal.  We tried a little mixed with breastmilk last Thursday and it was a huge hit!  Everything stayed in his mouth and he kept coming back for more.  That first night he was only into it for about 5 minutes but on the following days he stuck around for a lot longer.  We’ll work with this for a couple more days but I do see an avocado ripening in our fruit basket with Maxon’s name on it.

Fun at the Park

Multiple Choice Question

Maxon is fussy because:

a) His nub of a tooth is getting a neighbor.
b) He has remembered how to roll back over from his tummy so he always wants to be somewhere else.
c) His nighttime sleep is plagued by leaking diapers due to sleeping on his tummy and side.
d) He’s 5 months old.
e) All of the above.
f) You think you’re so smart. None of the above.