Sleep Training

Yawn. As sad as this sounds, I long for the days where I could count on a 5-hour stretch of sleep. A little over a month ago, Maxon started waking up twice a night and ever since last week, I felt lucky if I could cobble together 5 hours of sleep total as he dabbled in waking up a third time. Sometimes he was hungry or sometimes he had just flipped himself over on his stomach and his face was stuck in the crib rails. Getting him back to sleep was not the problem but keeping him asleep once he was placed back in his crib was. This inspired me to rethink our bedtime/sleeping strategies, the biggest one being the bedtime itself. Of course, I feel like I’m sabotaging what little precious sleep I do get if his earlier bedtime means an even earlier wake-up time but the amount of sleep been so terrible lately anyways I feel like I have nothing to lose. Wait… am I training Maxon to sleep better or is he training me to sleep less?

2 thoughts on “Sleep Training

  1. my attitude always was……if it gets him/her to sleep, do it. they say an early bedtime is “supposed” to mean they sleep later (sleep begets sleep) whatever. every kid is different. I swear, if you listened to Karen and Zill, they would tell you we all slept througth the night at birth!

  2. I have hope that we can come to an “understanding” soon. He used to sleep so well but it’s seriously deteriorated in the last few weeks so clearly we’re going to have to move with the times!

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