Multiple Choice Question

Maxon is fussy because:

a) His nub of a tooth is getting a neighbor.
b) He has remembered how to roll back over from his tummy so he always wants to be somewhere else.
c) His nighttime sleep is plagued by leaking diapers due to sleeping on his tummy and side.
d) He’s 5 months old.
e) All of the above.
f) You think you’re so smart. None of the above.

3 thoughts on “Multiple Choice Question

  1. How did you make Maxon open his mouth and show off his 1st tooth? Amazing!!!! Is he on cue???? Good job! I tell you, he is the most photogenic, smart and good little boy on earth! You really did gooooooooood!!!!!!

  2. Heh–I didn’t bother posting the 10 other pics that only got a partial view. And this picture was zoomed in AFTER it was taken. But we’ll take it!

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