Solid Food

Since Maxon was catching on to the fact that Mommy and Daddy have WAY more interesting looking food and started going for our drinking glasses and coffee mugs a couple weeks ago, I decided to let him have a couple licks of cantaloupe.  Insert standard sour-puss look here.  He didn’t seem too keen on any more of that so I let it go.  Then a few days later, I caught him eying my apple.  I let him catch a whiff of that and before I knew it, he was happily gumming away on it!  Same thing with a banana, despite more sour-puss looks after each taste.  I don’t think he got much of anything than a taste, which I thought was a horrible tease, so I finally bought some rice cereal.  We tried a little mixed with breastmilk last Thursday and it was a huge hit!  Everything stayed in his mouth and he kept coming back for more.  That first night he was only into it for about 5 minutes but on the following days he stuck around for a lot longer.  We’ll work with this for a couple more days but I do see an avocado ripening in our fruit basket with Maxon’s name on it.

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