A True Coloradoan

We woke up early (and then went back to bed), bagged a fourteener by noon (drove up Mt Evans), had lunch in Idaho Springs (sorry, not Beau Jo’s) and then hit the hot tub at home. Snowsuit and bathing suit and an elevation gain of over 9000 feet in one day. And what a great day it was!

My first fourteener

At the summit of Mount Evans

Showing Daddy how to take those hairpin turns

Summit Lake


In my floaty. Yep, that's how I roll.


Maxon discovered a new sound and it’s quite handy. It means the following:

Good Morning

We also got a sign language book last weekend, although I have yet to get past the introduction. Hopefully we can differentiate some of these items a little better soon.

More Utah Pics

A few more pictures that didn’t make it to Facebook:

Congratulating Daddy on his awesome Ironman finish

This walking stuff is easy

Picnicking at Bryce

On a hike with Mommy

Sitting on the edge of Bryce Amphitheater

Sitting Bull

We’ve been working on sitting for the last week or so and Maxon is getting better and better each time. He still does this “trust fall” thing where he’ll just lay back all of a sudden or reach for something and just topple over, unaware of the consequences. I think he likes the new perspective!

Echoing Maxon’s last tweet, we’ve got two more teeth coming in on the top. Four teeth total now. And now that Maxon is sleeping and playing more on his tummy, we’ve got hair growing back on his bald patch, strand by strand. Who is this hairy, toothy piece of work that is never where I last left him and chews everything in arm’s reach and what has he done with my helpless newborn???