Item number 137* of Updates We Should Do To The House has been completed: Updating the electrical system in the downstairs portion of the house. Since our “dormer” project pretty much took care of the upstairs, there was still much to be desired in the main living area. Now there are outlets where they should be (grounded AND up to code!) and no more exposed wiring where they shouldn’t be. While we have made these areas safer for Maxon to play in, we have created even more fun places for Maxon to stick his toys in!

*Estimate only. I have just lost count by now.

Two More

Teeth. On the top, one on either side of the two front teeth already there. Poor kid. At least he is still older in months than the number of teeth he will have!

And if that’s not enough going on, he went from doing a major push-up on his arms late last week to comfortably getting and staying on his knees and rocking in the last day or two. He’s not really going anywhere but if conditions are right, like our slippery wood floor, he can go backwards pretty well. I’m not sure who is more alarmed–us or the cats.